Give Yourself Permission To Find Your Purpose

I have found that most people have some questions when it comes to finding their purpose. You may be one of those people. I most certainly was…

I am a very strong believer that you already know your purpose. It lives inside of you waiting to be brought to life. 

The most magical and fulfilling life you could live is your purpose. 

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The question is not about finding your purpose, but about allowing yourself to have it. 

What we think it is becomes convoluted with ideas about what you should want or what is practical and reasonable to go for. 

On the journey to your most fully expressed you, you will come up against ego. The ego is fear based. The ego thinks in black and white. Everything is all or nothing to the ego. The ego wants to keep you safe at all costs. 

Finding your purpose is about getting ego out of the way so that you can allow your purpose to unfold. 

There are so many possibilities you have been crushing before they have space to grow.

Give yourself permission to dream, explore, and ponder without shutting possibilities down. 

Remain open to what seems ridiculous and you will free yourself from preconceived notions that are hiding the truth of your purpose from you. 

I recommend journaling to open up to new possibilities.

  • Start writing out everything you could possibly want on a piece of paper. 

  • Don’t filter yourself. 

  • Free write for at least 20 min. 

  • Be as ridiculous as possible. EX: I want to bungee jump on the moon…

Another thing that can help to uncover your purpose is to work with a coach. 

A life coach is someone who can ask you powerful questions to direct your attention to the answers already inside of you. 

With the support of a coach or a good friend you can unlock possibilities previously locked behind patterns of unconscious thinking.

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