Living A Self Caring Lifestyle

There has been a huge buzz about self care in recent years. Everyone and their mamma will tell you that you need more self care. 

A lot of them will tell you to take more bubble baths, get more massages, drink more water, and all that jazz. 

I absolutely agree with all of that.

I also think there is another component to self care. One that turns self care as a once in a while thing you do to a full fledged way of life. 

Self care as a lifestyle is about the choices you make with your time every single day. 

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Living a self caring lifestyle is about choosing you!

It’s about the things you say yes to and the things you say no to. 

What would your life be like if you felt free to only choose those things that feel self caring?

How often do you choose things for yourself at the neglect and expense of yourself?

How much motivation, energy, and passion do you have to give if you are putting yourself as the lowest priority on your list?

Somehow we have gotten it in our minds that giving to ourselves takes away what we could be giving to others.

I am here to remind you and assure you that giving to yourself first is the greatest gift you can give to others!

Living a self caring lifestyle involves looking at where you are putting your time and energy and choosing more of what YOU really want. Choose your own joy so that you become the example for everyone around you. 

The world needs you to show us how to love ourselves. 

Where to start

  1. Start visualizing and writing down your goals. The more you do this, the easier it will become to choose what moves you towards the life you really want.

  2. Cut out any commitments that don’t feel joyful for you. Seriously, go through your calendar right now. This step seems scary, but it’s the most important. It may seem like you can’t just stop these activities that you “have to do” to be responsible. I guarantee, if you give it a serious try, you can find healthier alternatives for everyone involved!

  3. Begin saying no to opportunities that are purely obligation. The less obligations you choose, the more joyful your life will become. Saying no is a skill, so start practicing!

  4. Prioritize you. Prioritize those activities that care for your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Too often we put these things on the backburner and end up sick or burnt out. 

If you follow these steps you will be well on your way to building a lifestyle where you have your back everyday! 

Remember that every act of kindness you give to yourself you give to everyone by example! 


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