The Only Choice You Ever Really Have

The only choice you ever really have is your way of being. It the only thing you really have to worry about.

What is a way of being?

Your way of being is the attitude, energy, and emotion of you in any given moment. It’s the way you be in the world. It is your inner state as well as how you behave and show up in the world. 

Perhaps you don’t always feel so in control of your way of being.

You regain choice in how you be when you let go of the idea that anything or anyone other than you creates your way of being.

External circumstances do not determine your way of being, though, we may let them choose for us sometimes. 

When you live life on autopilot it is like being tossed around by the intention and expectations of others (external circumstances). 

We might project our own will onto the world around us trying to control the circumstances, but this ultimately leads to frustration and disappointment.

Realize the only thing you have control over is yourself. 

You cannot control anything but yourself.

You may have heard this before but I invite you to let that sink in…

It can seem like a huge responsibility but it can also be a relief. 

If I am the only thing I can control there is no reason to put my energy into controlling other people or places or things. 

Some of us try to control others from a sense of responsibility. We try to make them happy by avoiding what might create a negative response. We act as if we are responsible for, or have any control over, their response.

Taking responsibility for things and people you cannot control is exhausting. 

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We move ourselves in the world as if other people’s emotions, responses, and reactions are our responsibility to control. 

You are in control when you take full responsibility for yourself. You have choice in your thoughts, feelings, and responses. 

Some of us don’t feel like we have a choice. I know I didn’t for a long time and still don’t sometimes. 

I can only share with you what has made the biggest difference in my life. 

Tools To Help You Choose Your Way Of Being

If you pay attention to your way of being through the day, it becomes easier to allow the external circumstances to be less important. 

Being conscious that I can choose my way of being, and I can choose for me, makes the biggest difference in my life. 

Meditation is a tool I use to regain this consciousness when I forget. 

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