Judging ourselves is like always focusing on what not to do. 

If you are riding in a car with your friend and you are giving them directions, imagine how difficult in would be to get to your destination if you only told them which way NOT to go. 

We are afraid to turn our attention away from what’s not working but the truth is, when you begin to focus on what IS working and what you DO want, the behaviors you don’t want tend to sort themselves out. It’s almost as if they cannot exist without your attention. 

When you stop judging yourself you free up tremendous amounts of energy that were previously waisted in self beat-up. 

The truth is the only thing between you and your success and worthiness is self belief. Self belief that starts when you stop judging yourself. 

You see success is not a destination. As long as it is a point in the future you will never reach it. 

The moment you believe you are succeeding is the moment you begin the journey of success. 

Think about it: If I have the attitude that I am succeeding I am more likely to see opportunities and interpret circumstances as stepping stones.