Embodied Empath Playshop

The Embodied Empath Playshop is about how to navigate the world of empathy in an empowered way.

Empathy is, and is meant to be, an incredible gift. 

Empathy is an important skill for leadership. Without empathy it becomes very difficult for anyone to know, like, and trust what you have to say. 

As an Empath, it may sometimes feel like a part of you is out of your control. 

As an empath you have probably struggled with:

  • Feeling the energy and emotions of other people

  • Feeling burnt out

  • Need for solitude

  • Feeling drained by large groups

  • Extra sensitivity to scary or violent films

  • A deep desire to care for and nurture everyone

Being empathetic allows us to connect to, care for, and relate to others on a deep soul level. 

But empathy can also feel like a burden at times. Being especially sensitive to the emotions of others can be draining. In The Embodied Empath Playshop you will learn tools to navigate the world without giving your power away.

This course is for you if…

  • You feel overwhelmed by crowds.

  • You find it difficult to set healthy boundaries.

  • Other people often come to you for advice.

  • You can generally tell what people are feeling.

  • You question whether the emotions you feel are your own.

  • You are highly sensitive to the emotions of others.

  • You feel drained and exhausted by other people’s emotions.

  • You want to take care of everyone all the time.


From The Creator

Jennifer Davoust



My name is Jennifer Davoust, Self Love Specialist, Hypnotherapist, host of the Tune Into You meditation podcast, and creator of The Embodied Empath Playshop. I created Embodied Empath because I am an empath and I have experienced the struggles first hand. So many teachers encourage us to shut our empathy down or shield ourselves from the energy of others. While these strategies are useful in certain circumstances, they can also be draining. On my journey to empowerment I have found tools that allow me to release the emotions of others, keep my power, and use empathy as the gift it is meant to be.

In this course I will share everything I have learned with you.