We judge ourselves because we think we need to. 

We often think that if we do not focus on what we are doing wrong we cannot correct it. 

We may think of our faults like a monster that will sneak up on us if we turn our back.

But the very opposite is true. 

Each moment we spend focusing on our faults and what we are not doing right or good enough is a moment we are spending draining ourselves of vital energy!


The other reason we spend so much time judging and criticizing ourselves is because we are afraid to be arrogant, conceited, selfish, and so on…

Self complimenting has long been demonized in the name of humility and compassion. 

The truth is that complimenting yourself is the greatest gift you can give to others. You not only regain vital life force energy previously waisted, you also give the people around you permission to like themselves. 


The other reason we do not compliment and build ourselves up is because we are afraid to be wrong about ourselves. 

We all have imposter syndrome. We fear that the worst parts of us are the real authentic parts and everything else is a sham. It’s an illusion. 

We would all rather beat ourselves up the worst then have others knock us off our high horse. 

Then truth is that the amazing gift that you are IS your authentic self. The same you you were when you were just a little child.

The truth is everything that you do you do from the deepest purest intention to be safe and loved and nothing more. 

We all want to do it right. And we all fear that we are somehow inherently wrong.