Choose to let go of self judgment

  • Choose to believe in yourself

  • Choose to say, think, and believe you are worthy and succeeding

Where attention goes energy flows. How much easier can your life be when you choose to focus on what is working and where you do what to go. 

So much of our experience is perception.

Think about each time someone asks you how you are. It would be silly to list the factual events of your day play by play. Instead we give an emotional interpretation of how we perceive ourselves to be. 

Since you have the choice in any moment to decide how you interpret who you are and how you are, why would you choose anything but awesome? 

The question we ask ourselves is, “is it okay? Is it okay to believe in myself?” 

My answer is yes. Not only is it okay but you MUST. 

The world needs the gifts you have to offer. And how can you give something you do not own. 

So think about the most badass parts of you and OWN them!