Peaceful Sleep Meditation

This is a short guided meditation to help you fall asleep fast. With this calm meditation, you will be able to quiet any stubborn thoughts, letting them go, and drifting off into a peaceful sleep. This meditation does not have any outro music or sound. The recording simply fades off into silence allowing you to drift with it into your comfortable and peaceful slumber. 

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Letting Go of Self Judgment Meditation

Self-judgment is draining. Have you ever gotten home exhausted after a long day of work and felt like you just could not take even one more little thing? Often we may not even realize the judgments we are having of ourselves and others. All we notice is that heavy unsettled feeling that something should be different. Releasing self-judgment will free your energy and take that heavy burden off of your shoulders. In this short guided meditation, we will begin to release judgment of yourself and others so that you can bring more love, acceptance, and freedom into your life. 

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Cultivating Inner Peace Meditation

In this guided meditation I will be sharing some tools with you to tap into a space of inner peace at any time anywhere. Our biggest obstacle to inner peace is not the busy thoughts we think but the attention we give to them. In this meditation, we will pull our attention away from these busy thoughts and focus on the essential core of who you are. We will discover the truth of who you are beyond name and form. As you direct your attention inwards you may be able to feel this core of stillness and peace within you. With practice, you may develop the skill to access this space of stillness at any time. I trust that you will find, as you direct attention away from anxious thoughts, that the things you thought you needed to worry about will resolve all on there own. Or you may realize that they were not important to begin with.

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Finding A Fresh Perspective Meditation

Often we can bring a large amount of freedom, power, and joy back into our lives by simply finding a fresh perspective with which to view the same old things. The mindset, beliefs, notions, and ideas we have about how the world works are essential for understanding and interacting with the world around us. These are helpful models for understanding and solving life's challenges. However, when our focus becomes overly narrow we may fail to see outside of these self-imposed constraints and find ourselves in damned-if-I-do damned-if-I-don't scenarios. The world may digress into a sea of black and white and we may fail to see the possibilities outside of our narrowed perspective. 

This guided meditation is designed to get you outside of your current rut and have you experience seeing your world from a new perspective. Come back to this meditation often to refresh and revitalize your approach to life.