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The No More Self Judgment mini course is a deep dive to personal freedom.

No More Self Judgment means confidence.

What is possible for you when you believe in yourself? Imagine what opportunities might open up for you when you are really truly loving and believing in you. Imagine what it might feel like to have your own back. The most confident version of you is waiting to come out and play!

All the doors open when you are believing in yourself!

Once you believe in yourself there is nothing that can stop you from creating what you really truly desire for yourself. Believing in yourself means you can finally embrace the gift that you are. The world can finally benefit from your magic once you embrace the full gift that you are. That is when you can truly begin changing the world in the unique way that only you can.

This course is for you if…

  • You feel like you are constantly struggling with self beat-up.

  • You feel like you are overly critical of yourself and sometimes others.

  • You would like to build more confidence and self belief but don’t know where to start.

  • You know you have so much to offer but the confidence is missing.

  • You have tried other self-help techniques and still feel worthless.

  • You continue to struggle with feelings of worthlessness despite your best efforts.

  • You not sure what is holding you back but you struggle to fully express yourself.

  • You want to finally show the world your true value.


From The Creator

Jennifer Davoust



My name is Jennifer Davoust, Self Love Specialist, Hypnotherapist, host of the Tune Into You meditation podcast, and creator of the No More Self Judgment mini course. I created the No More Self Judgment mini course because I have such an intimate relationship with feelings of unworthiness. My journey from broken and worthless to powerful and confident is a long and bumpy road that I now get to share with you. I want to share with you all of the best tools and insights I am discovering along my way to accelerate you into the most confident version of you on fast track.

We get to experience the amazing potential that opens up when you are finally believing and trusting in YOU!


Lesson 1 - What Is Self Judgment

  • Defining judgment

  • Learning to recognize your judgments

  • Learning to see past the judgments

Lesson 2 - Why We Judge

The three reasons why we think we need to judge ourselves and the truth that allows us to finally let them go.

Lesson 3 - Strategies For Confidence

All the ways you may have tried to build confidence and why they did not produce the outcome you were looking for.

Lesson 4 - What Happens When We Don’t Judge?

What is truly possible when you let go of the judgment.

Lesson 5 - The Secret To No More Self Judgment

How much of our experience is perception and how to change yours.

Lesson 6 - How To Choose

The step-by-step to completely change your relationship to self judgment.

Lesson 7 - Guided Meditation

A short guided meditation to deepen your experience.

What’s Included?

6 Video Lessons
5 Journal Exercises
1 Guided Meditation Audio


When does the course start?

No More Self Judgment mini course is an on-going independent study. You can register for the course and start it at any time. You can work through the lessons, answer the prompts, and practice the content at your own pace.

What if I have questions or need extra guidance during the course?

We have a section to type your input for each lesson in order to support and answer any questions you may have during the course. You can also send your questions and comments to jennifer@jenniferdavoust.com at any time.

Do you accept any refunds?

No. We do not provide any refunds. Once payment is made all sales are final. This is because as soon as you buy the course you will have full access to the course material.

What if I am already confident?

Self Judgment goes so much deeper than confidence. The judgments we place on ourselves bleed out to everyone around us. There is always value in learning to release judgment and accept ourselves and others more fully.