Are you ready to meet all of you?

Self Love Coaching is about finding your vision, the life that lights you up.

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs.
Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and then go do that.
Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

— Howard Thurman

Find your vision and overcome the fears and habits that stop you from living it everyday!

“Jennifer will listen deeply, meet you where you're at, and walk with you to that next place you want to grow to. You do the inner and outer work. Jennifer creates a compassionate container of possibility to creativity see beyond the fears that hold you back.”

Katie / Photographer


Jennifer Davoust

Self Love Specialist

I know what it is to be lost and confused in life. Only a few short years ago I was trapped in a toxic relationship and a directionless job that perfectly matched the level of respect and love I deemed myself worthy of at that time. Today I live my vision through intuition and intention. I would not be where I am today without the guides, coaches, and mentors that supported me along the way.


 “…good for generating new ideas, or a fresh perspective on an old circumstance; then simplifies and streamlines all that into a fresh new action plan that fits my needs, abilities, and circumstance.”

Travis Sira / LMT Instructor and Clinic Director

“Jennifer is highly intuitive and loving. Her coaching is effective at revealing limiting beliefs and transforming them into empowering tools to deep and lasting self-love and fulfillment.”

Lee Kelly / Embodied Vision Coach and Drag Queen

What have you created as a result of working with Jennifer?

“I have created time for myself, self appreciation, self worth and love. I have also created fun and confidence by thinking of her as an example. I have created vulnerability and honesty as well as self respect and space for myself.”

Gwen / Music Therapy Intern

Self Love Coaching


Find Your Voice

Finding your voice is about accessing the uniqueness that is you.

Claim Your Power

Claim your personal power by taking power back from those things that have kept you stuck.

Create A Vision

Learn what your most fulfilled life looks like. Uncover the true possibilities of you.

Make A Plan

Accountability and guidance as you begin down the path of your vision.


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Living Your Dream Life

Imagine it. You wake up rearing and ready to take on the day each morning. You are excited about the work you are doing, not just the paycheck, but the difference you are being in the world.


How much time have you spent questioning and doubting your potential?

Life is to short.

How much longer will you live a life you “have to”?

Self love coaching is about waking up to the big scary dream inside of you and finding out just how possible it really is!