Meet Jennifer

Hello! My name is Jennifer Davoust and I started the Tune Into You meditation podcast as a way to share the wealth of insights and breakthroughs I have been able to have on my spiritual journey.

I have been on a spiritual journey for most of my life. It started in early childhood being exposed to several different religious and spiritual belief systems and became my life long quest to seek truth and apply truth.

My Story

I am always guided…

I grew up exposed to many different religious beliefs, and Christianity was front and center. The idea of a divine judge never felt right to me. When being in nature and listening to my heart I felt intuitively that if judgment was what I would face at the end of my life, it could only be from myself.

I studied lots of different religious/spiritual beliefs, and saw a pattern, a consistent thread, through their teachings. It seemed to claim that everything is connected on the absolute deepest level.

At age eleven I read my first book on meditation.

I began to feel into a part of myself that is “God” in the sense that it is the part of me that is connected to all things and knows my past, present and future. I call this my higher self.


I became a truth seeker.

All this has led me to teaching what I have learned and discovered because the number one lesson I have learned is that my greatest truth as a human being is to be of service.

As a teenager I struggled to identify what was true. I wanted validation that my experiences were real beyond my own perception.

When I was 16 I went out into the garden and sat with myself among the grass. I began searching for a four-leaf clover. I searched for a long time without finding one.

I decided to try a little experiment with myself.

I told myself that if what I believed about my higher self was true, I could be guided towards my intention. So I asked my higher self a question, “Is there a four-leaf clover in this garden?” And then I sat still and listened with my whole body. I felt an energy come into my body. I felt as that energy moved from my heart into my head and formed words in my mind.

I felt “no.”

I asked my higher self next, “can I manifest one?”

All the ancient texts and tales I’d heard from India and Tibet claimed that matter itself is malleable. Quantum physics tells us similarly that every thing which appears solid is itself mostly empty space filled with energy vibrating in such a way to form the semblance of solidity.

The answer this time… “yes.”

I sat for some time in meditation and then again i ‘felt’, “look behind you”.

On the ground behind me was a tiny baby four leaf clover. It looked as if it had just sprouted from the ground.

I don’t know if what I experienced that day is real outside of my own perception, but I do know that it is real in my experience.


At many other times in my life since that day I have called on my higher self for guidance. It is the voice of my intuition, and when I choose to listen, it is never wrong.

I believe each and every one of us have this inner guide that can be called on. The voice of truth within each heart.

Even though I had my intuition, this inner guidance that is always with me, I kept this part of myself hidden from the outside world.

When it came to other people I felt catastrophically inadequate…

I was emotionally and verbally abused by my mother and just like every other victim of abuse, I was one hundred percent convinced that I deserved every single insult I was given and internalized every single one. As a teen I suffered from depression and eventually began acting on my thoughts of suicide. For me, the most painful part of my abuse was that it felt like no one believed me. I was not hit, and I did not have scars, so I had nothing to complain about. Nothing I felt was valid. Cutting myself gave me a sense of control. I thought,

“No one can tell me this doesn’t hurt.”

My feelings of worthlessness were overwhelming. If what I believed about myself were true - the world was better off without me.

In the hospital I was put on antidepressants. I felt numb. The anti-depressants didn’t take away my pain. They took away everything. That feeling is what led me to make a decision. I decided, in that moment, that I would rather feel my pain than feel nothing at all. That is the moment I truly took my life into my own hands. I chose to stop taking the pills. I chose to see the beauty in the drama of my life. I fell in love with my story. I chose to live.

I chose to see the hero in myself, even if it was a secret that only I could keep.

“There is something in Columbus for you and you will not know what it is until you get there.”


With a massive leap of faith…

I packed up my house, quit my job, pulled my daughter out of school and moved to a new city where I knew only one person.

Within hours of arriving, that one person told me about an emotional intelligence leadership workshop happening that very day.

On another leap of faith I maxed my credit card to sign-up. That was my first day of Discovery and in that moment, my life was changed forever.

Since that day, I have transformed my relationship with myself. I am no longer afraid to feel my feelings. I am no longer afraid to love myself. I am no longer afraid to be unapologetically me.

It has become my mission to teach others how and why to love themselves, trust themselves, and find the path that faith wants to make for you.

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